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About Us

Shrestha Construction Company (SCC) is a general contractor and professional construction manager that specializes in civil construction services.

Established in 1976, the company is proud of its long heritage and its proven track record of delivering diverse projects for national and international clients with high degree of quality, safety and competency.

We have extensive experience in working in high value projects and understand the professional and social sensitivities of working in a diverse and dynamic environment. Our working resume includes airports, bridges, commercial buildings and apartments, large-scale housing, water supply, hydel, roads, and irrigation.

To be an efficient General contractor working in ethical and balanced?manner and consistently deliver projects that meet the highest standards.

Mission Statement
To develop and effective management that stresses productivity, strong?work ethics, and cost effectiveness.To maintain excellence in meeting client's requirements regarding quality,?on-time delivery, safety and environmental concerns.
Core Values
? Conduct business with integrity and fairness
? Focus on clients' needs
? Continuously train personnel and improve                process
? Provide quality products and services
? Maintain safe and healthy working environment      for all.